Do You Want More Business From LOCAL Families?

In these troubling and uncertain times, are you NOW looking for effective and efficient methods of having productive exposure for your business? What are you going to do NOW to bring in new customers? What’s going to bring people in your door NOW or to your website? What is going to make your phone ring?  What are you going to do NOW to generate cash flow and profits? What are you going to do NOW to create more satisfied customers who will become great “word of mouth” advertisers  for you?  There’s A Proven & Productive Solution To These Questions

 In over 30 years of offering Direct Mail services, and assisting a considerable number of local businesses, we have found that Successful businesses are constantly advertising and marketing themselves. Therefore, we feel that regardless of what you have done, are currently doing or plan to do in the future, we can provide you with a meaningful, productive addition and enhancement to your Marketing & Advertising Activities. And, we offer attractive financing options for your Direct Mail Postcard mailings.

  Your Business Will Benefit By Being Featured On Our Unique, Productive, Proven & Successful OVERSIZED DIRECT MAIL  BIG POSTCARDS



As a local West St Tammany company who has provided Direct Mail services for over 30 years, we care about the safety and security of the local families who receive the postcards and the local businesses who are featured on our SafeTouch ANTIMICROBIAL Direct Mail postcards.

In these trying times, we want our clients to feel comfortable when they are featured on our “Customer Development” Direct Mail postcards and we want local families receiving the postcards to feel the same. Welcomed postcards provide local families with important and beneficial information from LOCAL BUSINESSES. It’s a win – win benefit for all.

As of June 1, 2020, All of our HIGH IMPACT Postcards are SafeTouch ANTIMICROBIAL Postcards. This wording is on them: Safety & Sanitation Protocols are very important! Businesses featured on our postcards care about safe practices for their customers and for their employees. That concern includes the postcard you’ve received. With an environmentally friendly coating, our SafeTouch ANTIMICROBIAL postcards provide up to 99.99% protection against a variety of unwanted bacteria and microorganisms. In durability tests the active ingredient of SafeTouch was shown to last the lifetime of the postcard. SafeTouch coating is based on Silver Ion Technology and is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. EPA Reg. No. 49403-38-86107 SAFETY & PEACE OF MIND ARE IMPORTANT CONCERNS

This brand new SafeTouch ANTIMICROBIAL postcard material is being used so that local consumers will have peace of mind and assurances that the local businesses featured on the postcards have a genuine concern about everyone’s safety.This is also an effective and productive marketing and advertising action for the featured businesses.                                                              Good Consumer relations are vitally important!


We use Social distancing practices and work at a distance. We provide comprehensive communication with our client advertisers – LOCAL BUSINESSES who want positive, productive exposure to local upscale families.

We interact with our clients by effectively and efficiently using telephone, e-mail, text messaging and our website – We make sure that complete information is given and that all questions are answered.

Our services are offered at very attractive rates because we do not have high overhead costs. Businesses do not want to pay for unnecessary costs.

Our clients benefit from informative consultation on using our SafeTouch ANTIMICROBIAL Direct Mail postcards as an effective method of developing new customers while re-enforcing the patronage of existing ones.


1.Select the SafeTouch ANTIMICROBIAL Direct Mail postcard format ( either the single advertiser, GRACIOUS LIVING POSTCARD OR the Co-op SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES POSTCARD with 7 featured businesses) and the mailing area (s) of interest to you. 2. Verify the number of postcards that your business will be featured on. 3. We will give you the fee for the graphic design, printing and mailing your postcards. 4. E-mail you an invoice for a deposit. 5. We consult with you on the content of your postcard. You provide input, text, photos, etc. for our graphics department to create a visually attractive, productive ad. You are e-mailed a proof to review & make any edits. 6. E-mail you a final proof for your approval.      7. E-mail an invoice for the balance due. 8. Print & mail process your postcards using our commercial mail permit at the Mandeville Bulk Mail department. 9. Mail samples of your postcard and the USPS Mail verification form to you. 10. Include a gracious note – Your business is appreciated and thanks for being featured on the postcards.

Note: During the entire process, we are in readily available communication with you to keep you informed and answer any questions. We pride ourselves on helpful consultation.

Quality Marketing & Advertising Services


Contact Us:                                                                      Direct Line: 985 898 0520                                                                 

Cell: 504 460 3540 (can be used for text messages)

 Direct Mail Postcard Advertising with SPECIAL FINANCING TERMS is Available

SINCE 2000

“We believe that targeted direct mail PostCard advertising should be designed to motivate local consumers to do business with you. Direct Mail Advertising with High Impact, Oversized SafeTouch ANTIMICROBIAL PostCards should produce results you can measure and profits you can count on.”

We Help Businesses Create:


By choice, our DIRECT MAIL POSTCARD business operates with the practice of having a limited number of clients. We are “hands on” and focus on helping those businesses who have an urgency and immediate desire to not only get quality exposure, but most importantly, generate revenue and profits. Making money ASAP from their investments in a proven and productive marketing and advertising activity seems to be a common trait of our clients.


 We provide LOCAL BUSINESSES with productive “HIGH IMPACT” OVERSIZED “Wow FactorPostcards that have a high quality upscale look with great visible impact in the mailboxes – attractive, visually appealing ads colorfully printed on thick 14 point card stock with high gloss SafeTouch ANTIMICROBIAL coating. Caring about everyone’s safety and well – being is a good thing.

  Getting Noticed Is the Most Important Thing For The Success Of Your Marketing & Advertising ActivitiesPeople Will Definitely Notice Your Postcard Ads !


We offer 2 distinctive types of Direct Mail Postcards: SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES – A Shared Space    Co-op Format featuring 7 LOCAL Businesses   &  GRACIOUS LIVING Postcards designed for a Single Business


 * WEST ST TAMMANY SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSESEach of these West St Tammany cities: Mandeville 70471, Mandeville 70448,    Covington 70433 & Madisonville 70447 has a Bi-monthly SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES Postcard mailing to quality addresses.

Income & lifestyle demographics are used to select quality addresses that we mail to. The high impact messages of our featured advertisers are seen by families with the likely ability to spend money with LOCAL businessesPEOPLE YOU WANT TO REACH

The Subdivisions reached in each Mandeville 70471 mailing of 5033 Postcards include:The Sanctuary, Woodstone, Beau Chene, Meadowbrook, Tall Timbers, Subdivisions Off SHARP ROAD (Century Oaks, Rosedown, Victorian Oaks, Parc Place, Fox Run, Seven Pines, Lochmere), Heritage Heights & Grand Maison (Off 59, South of I-12) MAILED TO HIGH QUALITY SELECTION OF HOMES – ONLY 50 % OF TOTAL 70471 ADDRESSES

The Subdivisions reached in each Mandeville 70448 mailing of 5019 Postcards include: Greenleaves, The Reserve, Estates,The Lakes, Oak Island, Deerfield (Lonesome Road Area), Cherry Creek, Oakwood, Parc Du Lac, Tanglewood, Lakewood Heights, Wisteria, Quail Creek, Marigny Trace, Monterrey, Woodlands, Hunter’s Glen, Highway 59/1088 Area, Parts of Old Mandeville, Subdivisions off Soult. MAILED TO HIGH QUALITY SELECTION OF HOMES – ONLY 50% OF TOTAL 70448 ADDRESSES

The Subdivisions reached in each Covington 70433 mailing of 4696 Postcards include: Tchefuncta Country Club, Covington Country Club, Riverwood, River Oaks, Northpark, Versailles, Flower Estates,Subdivisions Off 1085, 3 Rivers Road, Brewster Road Area MAILED TO HIGH QUALITY SELECTION OF ADDRESSES – ONLY 35 % OF TOTAL ADDRESSES

Each Madisonville 70447 mailing of 4903 Postcards is to the Carrier Routes & Subdivisions with the highest income & lifestyle demographics      ( 7 of 9 Carrier Routes)

NOTE: The address counts, given above, are current on June 15, 2020. 

The shared space SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES co-op postcards are SafeTouch ANTIMICROBIAL & have High ImpactOnly 7 LOCAL BUSINESSES are featured. –  You receive HUGE VISIBILITY! 

Very reasonable cost Only pennies per postcard – the “best bang for your buck” 

                               GREAT LOYALTY ADVERTISER RATES

BEST VALUE in DIRECT MAIL Postcard Advertising! A Sensible Way To Invest Your Advertising Dollars

AD SIZE: Each ad is 10” wide x 3.5” high – 35 Square Inches – ATTENTION GETTING FORMAT


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –     

We also offer 6″ x 11″ SafeTouch ANTIMICROBIAL  POSTCARDS for a SINGLE Business              GRACIOUS LIVING CARD

These INDIVIDUAL Postcards are attractively priced and are perfect to target specific subdivisions and areas i.e. carrier routes. You are in total control of how many cards you mail, areas mailed to and when you want the mailings to happen.  See Detailed information by clicking GRACIOUS LIVING CARD

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –    

Whether it’s an individual business with its own GRACIOUS LIVING CARD or being featured on the Co-op format of the  SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES POSTCARDS, Lee Marketing Associates realizes that each business has goals and expectations that are important. Our goal is to help make each client’s ongoing advertising and marketing efforts more productive. Our expectation is that each client advertiser will receive the exposure & revenue benefits of being featured on  HIGH IMPACT and imaginative Direct Mail postcard mailings. Local families will have a positive feeling about the LOCAL BUSINESSES who are mailing SafeTouch ANTIMICROBIAL Postcards to their homes.

 Your business can benefit by being featured on High Impact  Oversized                                “Customer Development” Direct Mail Postcards.

For More extensive information on our services – please view our website. In the Gallery Sections, You can review  a considerable number of both the multiple advertiser co-op postcards and the single advertiser, Gracious Living Cards – lots of good ideas for productive, appealing content for your featured ads on the Postcards.      

 Thanks for reviewing this OVERVIEW on our “Customer Development” Services. Please contact us for more detailed information on ad fees, mailing schedules, etc. We want to get your questions answered and consult with you on how you can get productive exposure and positive results as we assist you in your marketing and advertising activities.


LEE MARKETING ASSOCIATES Post Office Box 600 * Mandeville, LA 70470                                                                                     985 898 0520 ( Direct Line)  504 460 3540 ( iPhone  & Text Messages)                                                                                                 E-Mail:               

Lee Marketing Associates is a Direct Mail Postcard Advertising & Marketing Consulting Firm
Member St Tammany West Chamber of Commerce (20 years) Services Offered:  SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES POSTCARDS * GRACIOUS LIVING CARDS * Graphic Design * Consulting, Planning & Executing Direct Mail Big Postcards Advertising & Marketing Campaigns