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 Direct Mail Postcard Advertising with NO UPFRONT MONEY is Available

SINCE 2000

“We believe that targeted direct mail Post Card advertising should be designed to motivate local consumers to do business with you. Direct Mail Advertising with High Impact, Oversized Post Cards should produce results you can measure and profits you can count on.”

We Help Businesses Create:


By choice, our DIRECT MAIL POSTCARD business operates with the practice of having a limited number of clients. We are “hands on” and focus on helping those businesses who have an urgency and immediate desire to not only get quality exposure, but most importantly, generate revenue and profits. Making money ASAP from their investments in a proven and productive marketing and advertising activity seems to be a common trait of our clients.

              Do You Want More Business From LOCAL Families?

What are you going to do NOW to bring in new customers? What’s going to bring people in your door NOW or to your website? What is going to make your phone ring?  What are you going to do NOW to  generate cash flow and profits? What are you going to do NOW to create more satisfied customers who will become great “word of mouth” advertisers  for you?  There’s A Proven & Productive Solution To These Questions

 In over 30 years of offering Direct Mail services, and assisting a considerable number of local businesses, we have found that Successful businesses are constantly advertising and marketing themselves. Therefore, we feel that regardless of what you have done, are currently doing or plan to do in the future, we offer a meaningful, productive addition and enhancement to your Marketing & Advertising Activities.

 We are blessed with repeat advertisers who enjoy success with the repetitive exposure, but when we have the available time to assist new clients, we like to share the benefits of our services to LOCAL BUSINESSES that we feel we can be of assistance to. 

 We provide LOCAL BUSINESSES with productive “HIGH IMPACT” OVERSIZED “Wow FactorPostcards that have a high quality upscale look with great visible impact in the mailboxes – attractive, visually appealing ads colorfully printed on thick 14 point card stock with high gloss UV coating.  Getting Noticed Is the Most Important Thing For The Success Of Your Marketing & Advertising ActivitiesPeople Will Definitely Notice Your Postcard Ads !


We offer 2 distinctive types of Direct Mail Postcards: Shared Space Co-op            Single Business INDIVIDUAL Postcards

                  2 Shared Space Co-op Postcard formats are offered:

* WEST ST TAMMANY BIG VALUE POSTCARDEach of these West St Tammany cities: Mandeville 70471, Mandeville 70448, Covington 70433 & Madisonville 70447 has a QUARTERLY BIG VALUE POSTCARDS mailing to quality addresses.

*SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES QUARTERLY mailings to these ZIP CODES:  Mandeville 70448/70471(combined), Metairie 70005, Lakeview 70124, Kenner 70065, River Ridge 70123, Slidell 70458, Slidell 70461 Note: Other East Jefferson & Westbank ZIP CODES will be added soon.

The shared space co-op postcards have High ImpactOnly 8 or 12 LOCAL BUSINESSES are featured. –                                     You receive HUGE VISIBILITY! 

Very reasonable cost Only pennies per postcard – the “best bang for your buck” 

                               GREAT LOYALTY ADVERTISER RATES

BEST VALUE in DIRECT MAIL Postcard Advertising! A Sensible Way To Invest Your Advertising Dollars

AD SIZE: Each ad is 5.4375” wide x 4.375” high – 23.79 Square Inches – ATTENTION GETTING FORMAT

Income & lifestyle demographics are used to select quality addresses that we mail to. The high impact messages of our featured advertisers are seen by families with the likely ability to spend money with LOCAL businessesPEOPLE YOU WANT TO REACH

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        We also offer 6 x 11 or 9.5 x 11 POSTCARDS for a SINGLE Business                                                                                GRACIOUS LIVING CARD

These INDIVIDUAL Postcards are attractively priced and are perfect to target specific subdivisions and areas i.e. carrier routes. You are in total control of how many cards you mail, areas mailed to and when you want the mailings to happen. See Detailed information by clicking GRACIOUS LIVING CARD

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Whether it’s an individual business with its own GRACIOUS LIVING CARD or being featured on the Co-op formats of the BIG VALUE POSTCARDS or SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES, Lee Marketing Associates realizes that each business has goals and expectations that are important. Our goal is to help make each client’s ongoing advertising and marketing efforts more productive. Our expectation is that each client advertiser will receive the exposure & revenue benefits of being featured on  HIGH IMPACT and imaginative Direct Mail postcard mailings.

 Your business can benefit by being featured on High Impact  Oversized                                  “Customer Development” Direct Mail Postcards.

For More extensive information on our services – please take a look at our website.    In the Gallery Sections, You can review  a considerable number of both the multiple advertiser co-op postcards and the single advertiser, Gracious Living Cards – lots of good ideas for productive, appealing content for your featured ads on the Postcards.      

 Thanks for reviewing this OVERVIEW on our “Customer Development” Services. Please contact us for more detailed information on ad fees, mailing schedules, etc. We want to get your questions answered and consult with you on how you can get productive exposure and positive results as we assist you in your marketing and advertising activities.


LEE MARKETING ASSOCIATES Post Office Box 600 * Mandeville, LA 70470 * 985 898 0520 ( Direct Line)                                                                      504 460 3540 ( iPhone  & Text Messages)  E-Mail:                    

Lee Marketing Associates is a Direct Mail Postcard Advertising & Marketing Consulting Firm
Member St Tammany West Chamber of Commerce (19 years) Services Offered:  SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES POSTCARDS                  BIG VALUE POSTCARDS *GRACIOUS LIVING CARDS * Graphic Design                                                                                                                Consulting, Planning & Executing Direct Mail Big Postcards Advertising & Marketing Campaigns