John M. Lee, a resident of the Mandeville/Covington Louisiana area since 1984 is the principal of Lee Marketing Associates. Mr. Lee started his career in Direct Mail advertising in 1987. From the first office in Metairie, the initial mailings were primarily to homes in Metairie, Kenner, Uptown New Orleans & the West Bank. Some of the Direct Mail products and services offered were Shop For Value Saver Cards and Shop For Value Oversized envelopes filled with enticing ads.

In the early 1990’s, the focus turned to helping local West St Tammany Louisiana businesses develop new customers while re-enforcing the patronage of existing ones.

Direct Mail magazine services have included Money Saver Plus, Bonanza Magazine, and the Lagniappe Shopper. Some of the specialty publications included FYI Business Briefs (a business to business newsletter), Medical & Professional Guides and Feminine Focus.For many years, Lee Marketing published business-sponsored school newsletters for local schools.

A few years ago, the decision was made to concentrate on OVERSIZED HIGH IMPACT POSTCARDS. Some of the co-op postcard formats that have been mailed include *Community Value Cards *All About KIDS Cards * All About TOTS Cards *Restaurant/Birthday Cards * New Mover Postcards   We have also produced and mailed a considerable number of postcards for individual clients.

Today, our focus is on 3 dynamic, proven and productive Direct Mail POSTCARD services                         SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES, Gracious Living Card & the BIG VALUE POSTCARD Colorful, Oversized, Thick, High Impact, Glossy Postcards with dramatic, eye-catching graphics.        They have a Huge “Wow Factor” Impact in the Mailbox.  VERY EFFECTIVE!

STEP 1 in Effective Direct Mail Advertising – GET NOTICED! These Postcards Definitely Do That.

Over the years, we have mailed well in excess of 2 million pieces of Direct Mail for the benefit of a variety of businesses. Our expertise and experience in creating effective Direct Mail postcards can be beneficial to your business.We invite you to learn more about our cost effective services.

Whether it’s an individual business with its own Gracious Living Card or being featured on the Co-op formats of the SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES or BIG VALUE POSTCARDS, Lee Marketing Associates realizes that each business has goals and expectations that are important. Our goal is to help make each client’s ongoing advertising and marketing efforts more productive. Our expectation is that each client advertiser will receive the benefits of being featured on HIGH IMPACT and imaginative Direct Mail postcard mailings. AS WE EXPAND OUR OVERSIZED, HIGH IMPACT DIRECT MAIL POSTCARD SERVICES TO OTHER AREAS, WE WOULD LIKE TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS GROW.

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We’re proud of the testimonials from satisfied clients. Look at the Gallery of previously mailed BIG VALUE POSTCARDS & Gracious Living Cards. Read the OVERVIEW, and ABOUT US. The ARTICLES give you factual information why this type of DIRECT MAIL can benefit you.

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Lee Marketing Associates is a Direct Mail Postcard Advertising & Marketing Consulting Firm
Member St Tammany West Chamber of Commerce (20 years) Offering High Impact OVERSIZED POSTCARDS: SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES * Gracious Living Cards * BIG VALUE POSTCARDS  *Graphic Design   *Consulting, Planning & Executing Direct Mail Oversized Postcards Advertising & Marketing Campaigns