Creating An Appealing & Productive Postcard Ad

One of the biggest keys to success with Direct Mail Postcard Advertising is to have the right design elements. You want an ad that not only looks good ( professionally designed and eye-catching) but will get people to respond.

In order for your ad to be productive, it is vitally important for our ad to stand out and capture people’s attention.

The objective of your ad is to ” WOW ” the demographically appealing families who receive you Postcard ad in their mailboxes. You want to grab their attention with a BOLD HEADLINE. You want to make a positive impression on them with beautiful graphics/photos that are eye-catching and complement your business. Your ad should have appealing text and graphics that are tailored to your local upscale consumers. It’s very important to have compelling verbiage, bullet points, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, appealing ” CALL TO ACTION ” directives that appeal to the interests of your targeted audience. You want them to react favorably to your Postcard ad and patronize your business.

In the spirit of a ” CALL TO ACTION ” Postcard ad, it is suggested that a gift card, coupon, or special offers be a key component of your ad. In this economy, to get people to patronize you, it is highly recommended that you make your offer(s) as appealing as you can. Use specific terms and phrases that urge people to take positive action. The stronger the offer(s) to local consumers is, the better the response and the better the patronage of your business. You want lots of business ASAP!!

Using “CALL TO ACTION” techniques such as special offers, coupons, or gift certificates compels consumers to come to your place of business. If you market a service, you want people to call you for more information and/or go to your website. You want to motivate likely new customers and repeat customers by stressing the benefits of them doing business with you. Remember, everyone’s favorite station is WIIFM – What’s In It For Me. You want them to think – “Gee, that’s a local company I’d like to do business with!”

You can get some good ideas on content and style for your Postcard ad by reviewing a variety of ad in our 2 GALLERIES: BIG VALUE POSTCARDS GALLERY & GRACIOUS LIVING CARD GALLERY When you provide us with the information for the creation of your ad, please reference any of our ad layouts that you like.

Suggestion: refer to other productive ads that you have done. Provide us with the content or with a copy of the ad(s). You can either e-mail or take a photo with your phone and text it to us @ 504 460 3540. Let us know what content of that ad(s) you would like in your Postcard ad.

Keeping in mind that the size of EACH ad on the co-op Postcard format is 4.375″ high x 5.375″ wide (23.79 Square inches), there is only so much room for your ad content. PLEASE BE VERY SPECIFIC IN PROVIDING US WITH YOUR AD INFORMATION. If you would to provide a sketch of your desired content & layout, you can scan the sketch, save as a .pdf and e-mail the sketch to us. Or you can take a photo with your phone and text it to us @ 504 460 3540.

ACCEPTABLE FILE FORMATS In order to create an attractive and appealing ad for you, we require that you provide us with high resolution electronic images of your logo and any photos to be used in your ad. These are the acceptable formats: .jpg, .pdf, .png, .eps, .id, .tiff, .psd. ( a minimum of 300 dpi resolution is required) Note: Images from internet websites are low resolution ( 72 dpi) and are not acceptable.

Please provide the “CALL TO ACTION” header, verbiage, slogans, desired color scheme, bullet points, coupon information.

Let us know if you want any SOCIAL MEDIA logos ( facebook, Instagram, pinterest, etc. ) in your ad.

As to your offer(s), please be specific. As mentioned above, the stronger the offer to local consumers who receive your Postcard ad, the better the patronage of your business should be. Don’t be too restrictive as to the terms and conditions. Please give us a clearly worded offer with any conditions for use. Make it easy for people to do business with you. On the expiration date of offer(s), we recommend 60 to 90 days from the date that your Postcard ad arrives in the homes.

When we create each ad featured on the co-op Postcard format, we make sure that the coupon/gift card section of each ad is next to an outer edge of the card. No ad’s coupon/gift card section backs up to the coupon/gift card of the ad on the reverse side.

Because the intent is to make the coupon/gift card section easy to cut out and bring in for redemption, this information is put on that section: *small version of logo, * name of business, * address, * phone #, * clearly worded offer with any conditions for use, * a redemption code for tracking purposes( if needed) * expiration date of offer(s)

Your ideas and input on your ad content are very important.The creation of an appealing and productive ad is a collaborative effort between you, our client and our graphic design department.

PLEASE NOTE : Our graphic ad composition fee is considered very reasonable by industry standards. Therefore it is very important for us to have complete information from you as to the content of your ad before we start creating your ad.

Please send your ad information to with the name of your business in the subject line. Once your ad is created, you will be sent an electronic proof to review.This proof is for your protection. It is your opportunity to catch any error(s) made during the creation of your ad. Because your CONTENT requests will have been followed as close as possible, the review of your ad proof is not an opportunity to redesign the ad. You will be able to tweak the design and make minor changes. Our policy is to print your ad after final approval is given.

QUESTIONS ? Please send an e-mail, text, or call.

Our greatest hope and expectation is that your business will benefit by being featured on our unique, colorful, Oversized, high impact thick glossy DIRECT MAIL Postcards.