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• Why Co-Operative Direct Mail Advertising Works
• Compelling Reasons to be Featured On the BIG VALUE POSTCARD
• Advertising Impact in a Soft Economy – Ad-ology Research
• Steady Ad Spending During Recessions results in Higher Sales
• Adding To Your Arsenal – Don’t Get Left Behind
• Who Is Most Likely To Use A Coupon

• Postcard Advertising
• Take Advantage of The Proven Benefits of a Postcard Direct Mail Campaign

Why Co-Operative Direct Mail Advertising Works?

In the current economy, coupon usage has begun to increase and consumers are becoming much more price sensitive and are looking for every discount and special offer they can find.

67% of consumers are more likely to use coupons during a time of recession
Coupon redemption rate is up 30 – 40%
Coupons help drive consumers to your store, restaurant or call your business
Coupons are a measurable way to track your Return On Investment ( ROI)
98% of consumers bring their mail in the same day it is delivered.
89% sort and read their mail the moment they bring it inside
75% expect to get mailed advertising every day.
67% feel mail is more personal than the internet
57% anticipate that their next shopping trip will be affected by what they get in their mailbox

Facts You Should Know
76% of postcards are read IMMEDIATELY according to a US Postal Service study. On average, every dollar spent on direct mail advertising brings in $10 in sales… “US Post Office”

• Postcards rate #1 for performance in the category of immediately read direct mail. (United States Postal Service)
• 90% of all direct mail gets read or seen. (USPS Household Diary Survey) • 89% of companies who try them continue to market with postcards (Guerrilla Marketing Weapons)
• Only 11% of all newspaper ads are read. 1/8 and 1/4 page ads are rarely seen. (Simmons Media Study)

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Compelling reasons to be featured on the BIG VALUE POSTCARD

The BIG VALUE POSTCARD is a Consumer Friendly Format that creates business. By using a portion of your ad space to offer a gift card, a coupon, or a special savings, you motivate and encourage local consumers to do business with you. These types of Incentive Offers have proven to be a highly effective marketing tool for just about any size or type of business. Perhaps the best reason for astute advertisers to use coupons and incentive offers is their overwhelming acceptance and reliable use by consumers.

Advertising Age (the bible of the industry) reports that over 80% of all shoppers use coupons. Coupons are measurable and accountable. They build store traffic, which results in additional purchases. In addition coupons can entice new customers that have been shopping with your competitors to switch and do business with you. It’s a proven fact that consumers will break routine shopping habits to take advantage of a special sale or a good coupon offer.

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Advertising Impact in a Soft Economy

“Ad-ology Research found that ”reduced advertising during a recession negatively impacts consumer perception.”

Ad-ology found that more than 48% of U.S. adults think that a lack of advertising by a business during a recession is a sign that the business must be struggling.

More than ever, consumers want reassurance that a business is competitive and committed, and advertising provides the consumer with exactly that. On related issues, the Ad-ology study also finds that 40% of consumers are using coupons more than they were one year ago, and that a ”deeply discounted price” was the most frequently stated factor that would encourage a consumer to make a $1,000+ purchase. In today’s economy, consumers are keenly aware of price and value, and keeping up the public presence through advertising is one way to help consumers in difficult times and gain consumer confidence at the same time.

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Steady ad spending during recessions results in higher sales. McGraw-Hill research proved this conclusively in their published study of advertising in the 1981 – 1982 recession. For the six-year period from 1980 to 1985, those companies that did not reduce advertising spending during the two recession years collectively increased sales by between 16 and 80 percent. More importantly, gains made during the recession were permanent and expanded during the three years following the recession. Companies that cut back on advertising experienced little, if any sales growth.

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Adding to Your Arsenal
Don’t get left behind in the marketing arms race

By David Henkel
Edited Excerpts from Mailing SystemsTechnology magazine February 2010

Despite some national economic indicators showing signs of improvement, consumers today remain uneasy about their financial situations. The difficult economy has shoppers looking to…

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Who Is Most Likely to Use a Coupon?

By Josh Smith
Nov 15th 2010

Since the start of the financial meltdown in 2008, coupon use has come back in vogue for many Americans. In 2009 shoppers used 27% more coupons than in 2008 and online coupon spiked 360%. Coupon use has become so pervasive that while many still think using a coupon on the first date is tacky, 41% are alright with it.

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Postcard Advertising

When it comes to promoting a business, you can’t write off the simplest and most proven techniques in advertising. Even as internet marketing flourishes, the power of print advertising and direct mail marketing can never be underestimated. In fact, many small businesses and even larger firms combine print advertising with online marketing to get the best results.

Benefits of Advertising with Postcards
Be unique and stand out. One of the best things about marketing with postcards is that you can exercise your own creativity to come up with a unique concept and postcard design. If you want to stand out from your competition, sending out cleverly-designed postcards to your recipients can truly make the difference. If you’re a newly established business, bold and witty postcards are a great way to make an introduction and build up your brand name in the market.

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Take advantage of the Proven Benefits of Postcard Direct Mail Campaigns

It allows you to focus on your specific audience, directing your campaign to the market you want to reach.
You can craft messages that are tailored to your business audience, addressing their needs and appealing to their interests.
Direct Mail Postcards can be sent with a variety of colors and graphics.
Customers can hold your mail piece, referring to your message as often as needed. Special offers included on your postcard help encourage customer interaction.
The results of your Direct Mail Postcard campaign can be tracked by counting the responses or inquiries it generates. You’ll know what worked and adjust your plans accordingly.
Cost effective.
A Direct Mail Postcard campaign makes your advertising dollars go further, because your targeted message goes directly to the people you want to reach.

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