Do You Want More Business From West St Tammany Families? What are you going to do NOW to bring in new West St Tammany customers? What’s going to bring people in your door NOW or to your website? What is going to make your phone ring? What are you going to do NOW to generate cash flow and profits? What are you going to do NOW to create more satisfied customers who will become great “word of mouth” advertisers for you? There’s A Proven & Productive Solution To These Questions Your business can benefit by being featured on High Impact Oversized “Customer Development”Direct Mail Postcards. The ongoing practice and objective of every successful business is to generate profits for their company by continually developing new customers and clients and re-inforcing the patronage of existing ones

Regardless of what you have done, are currently doing or plan to do in the future, we offer a meaningful, productive addition and enhancement to your Marketing & Advertising Activities – DON’T MISS BEING FEATURED!

Each of these West St Tammany cities: Mandeville 70471, Mandeville 70448, Covington 70433 & Madisonville 70447 has a QUARTERLY BIG VALUE POSTCARDS mailing to quality addresses. You can select the area(s) that you want to target

Who do we mail The Oversized High Impact Postcards to? Using a high income & lifestyle demographic selection method, high quality addresses are carefully selected to receive a BIG VALUE POSTCARD. The target is families who live in the higher average income subdivisions. EXCELLENT DEMOGRAPHICS – PEOPLE YOU WANT TO REACH!

Being featured on the BIG VALUE POSTCARD assures you that you will reach families with the most likely ability to spend money with local businesses.

The Subdivisions reached in each Mandeville 70471 mailing of 7300 Postcards include:The Sanctuary, Woodstone, Beau Chene, Fontainebleau, Meadowbrook, The Shadows, Beau Rivage, Chateau Village, Woodridge, Beau West, Penn’s Chapel Area, Heaven’s Drive Area,Tall Timbers, Subdivisions Off SHARP ROAD (Century Oaks, Rosedown, Victorian Oaks, Parc Place, Fox Run, Seven Pines, Lochmere), Heritage Heights & Grand Maison (Off 59, South of I-12) MAILED TO HIGH QUALITY SELECTION OF HOMES – ONLY 70% OF TOTAL ADDRESSES

The Subdivisions reached in each Mandeville 70448 mailing of 7300 Postcards include:Greenleaves, The Reserve, Estates,The Lakes, Oak Island, Deerfield (Lonesome Road Area), Cherry Creek, Oakwood, Parc Du Lac, Tanglewood, Lakewood Heights, Wisteria, Lewisberg, Golden Glen, Old Golden Shores, Quail Creek, Marigny Trace, Monterry, Woodlands, Hunter’s Glen, Forestbrook, Highway 59/1088 Area, Parts of Old Mandeville, Subdivisions off Soult. MAILED TO HIGH QUALITY SELECTION OF HOMES – ONLY 70% OF TOTAL ADDRESSES

The Subdivisions reached in each Covington 70433 mailing of 7300 Postcards include: Tchefuncta Country Club, Covington Country Club, Riverwood, River Oaks, Northpark, Versailles, Crestwood, Windstone, Flower Estates, Belle Terre, Shady Oaks, Tchefuncte Trace, Nottoway, Old Landing, Old Covington,Subdivisions Off 1085, River Forest, Tchefuncte Acres, 3 Rivers Road, Brewster Road Area MAILED TO HIGH QUALITY SELECTION OF ADDRESSES – ONLY 40% OF TOTAL ADDRESSES

Each Madisonville 70447 mailing of 6725 Postcards is to 100% of the addresses. Madisonville’s growth is a clear indicator of it’s quality income & lifestyle demographics

Can’t Beat The IMPACT! Can’t Beat The Price! Results Are Great! What A Uniquely Different & Productive Direct Mail Service!” These are some of the positive things that we consistently hear from the repeat advertisers that are featured on the BIG VALUE POSTCARD mailings. Repetitious, Consistent Exposure to the same families in your target marketing area(s) is absolutely Important when you want your advertising costs to be a PROFIT CENTER, not AN EXPENSE

Get the best LOYALTY ADVERTISER Fees by doing REPETITIVE Quarterly mailings. A Great Value For You! YOU BENEFIT FROM Consistent & Repeat “VISUAL IMPACT” ADVERTISING & MARKETING. Your ads will have “eye-catching” quality content with compelling reasons for local West St Tammany residents to do REPEAT business with you. We help you build the Future Value of a Customer. And, your satisfied customers help with the benefits of “word of mouth” advertisers.

Your Ads Receive POWERFUL “In Your Face” Exposure You are not buried inside a magazine, a newspaper or an envelope. Getting lost and competing in the clutter of dozens and dozens of ads is not good. JUST LOOK AT the samples of the high profile oversized POSTCARDS. They Really Jump Out In the Mailboxes & Grab the Readers’ Attention! ONLY A FEW BUSINESSES ARE FEATURED – Very Little Competition for the attention of the readers.

The huge OVERSIZED HIGH IMPACTWow FactorPostcards have a high quality upscale look – attractive, visually appealing ads colorfully printed on thick 14 point card stock with high gloss UV coating. Getting Noticed Is Very Important For The Success Of Your Marketing & Advertising ActivitiesPeople Will Definitely Notice Your Postcard Ads. BEST VALUE in DIRECT MAIL Postcard Advertising! A Sensible way to Invest Your Ad Dollars

AD SIZE: Each ad is 5.4375” wide x 4.375” high – 23.79 Square Inches – ATTENTION GETTING FORMAT DON’T MISS BEING FEATUREDIt can be a big winner for your business! VERY REASONABLE COST LIMITED SPACE IS AVAILABLE Your Business Can Be Featured Starting SOON!!

Quarterly Mailings – Ad Fees For each of the Mandeville 70471, Mandeville 70448 & Covington 70433 mailings, 7300 Postcards are mailed. First Mailing Only 8.4 Cents per Postcard $ 612 (8.4 cents x 7300) Agree to do a minimum of 2 Quarterly mailings, & receive Loyalty Advertiser Fees – Only 7.6 cents per Postcard on the 2nd and subsequent mailings. That’s only $555 (7.6 cents x 7300)

For Madisonville 70447 mailings, 6725 Postcards are mailed. First Mailing– $ 564 (8.4 cents x 6725) Only 7.6 cents per Postcard on the 2nd and subsequent mailings. That’s only $ 511 (7.6 cents x 6725)

THESE ARE GREAT RATES FOR HIGH IMPACT CONSISTENT QUARTERLY EXPOSURE Anticipated Revenue from response to your first mailing can be used for the ad fee for the second mailing. Because Consistent & Repetitious Exposure Builds Repeat Customers, your second mailing is approximately 90 days after the first mailing. Momentum is building – The quality local consumers receive your appealing advertising messages, AGAIN – more incentives & reasons for them to do business with you and continue to tell others about your business.

QUARTERLY MAILINGS ARE AFFORDABLE & HELP YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS The Dynamics of Consistent & Repetitious Exposure Really Works! When you choose to do 2 or more QUARTERLY mailings, you are featured on many thousands of postcards, and you receive consistent quarterly exposures to the SAME local UPSCALE consumers. THAT’S HOW TO ACQUIRE REPEAT CUSTOMERS & “Word of Mouth” Advertisers.

You can anticipate that this regular, repetitious exposure should generate sufficient business on a consistent basis to justify the investment. AND, don’t forget the future residual benefits! A Great Cost Efficient Value For Your Business – Only Pennies Per Postcard When you do 2 Quarterly mailings, its only 16 cents per quality address that you reach TWICE with high impact appealing ads about your business – EFFECTIVE CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT

An ObservationA savvy, successful business owner when shown the CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT CAMPAIGN service, said “This type of exquisite, impact exposure to top quality local addresses, on a regular, consistent basis, is very reasonably priced – only pennies per high impact postcard. By being featured, my business should be able to generate enough revenue from the QUARTERLY mailings so that this becomes a profitable venture for me. LOYALTY DISCOUNT on ad fee for second and future mailings is perfect. I have an excellent opportunity to generate enough business from the 1st mailing to recover my 1st ad fee, make a profit, and have the money for the 2nd mailing and this can continue on subsequent mailings. THIS BENEFICIAL SERVICE IS TOO GOOD TO MISS

GRAPHIC DESIGN FEEThe graphic ad composition fee for your first ad is $ 64.00. For each subsequent ad, the graphic fee ranges from $ 15 to $ 40 depending on the ad changes requested. The graphic fee is for the development of your ad solely for use on BIG VALUE POSTCARDS. This fee is for the designer’s time, creativity and ad creation to our specifications and requirements. A request to use this as creative in other media will incur a minimum fee of $ 25.00

ADVERTISING COSTS INCLUDE: *Consultation on creating an attractive ad about your business * Graphic Design & Creation of ad *Ad proof and corrections *Full Color printing (as described herein) * Mail processing *Standard Class (bulk rate) postage

ADVERTISE NOW & PAY LATER To make it easy to leverage the payment of your ad fees, we accept credit cards thru our PayPal invoicing system. As an added optional benefit, you can advertise and market your business NOW and pay in 6 months interest free when you qualify for and pay with the PayPal Credit option. THIS IS A GREAT SERVICE!

PUT THE BIG VALUE POSTCARD TO WORK FOR YOU It Can Help Make Your Business More Productive & Profitable! The number of people who are currently doing business with you is probably not as many as you would like. Revenue and Profits aren’t where you want them to be. Things can get better. WE CAN HELP! Savvy business owners know that to survive and prosper in these challenging economic times, it is vitally important for you to choose sensible and well designed “customer-generating” marketing and advertising services. When you invest your Advertising & Marketing dollars, you want your ads to make money!

The objective of the QUARTERLY mailings of BIG VALUE POSTCARDS is to productively feature only a few outstanding local businesses and to help these local businesses develop new customers and clients and re-inforce the patronage of existing customers. Hopefully, you’re thinkingMy business would benefit by being featured on this unique ‘VISUAL IMPACT” Marketing & Advertising service. People will react positively to impressive and appealing ads about my business. I don’t want to miss this!” GOOD THINKING!

As an astute business person, you realize that regardless of economic conditions, it is vitally important to constantly generate revenue for your business. MAKES SENSE! To be successful with your marketing and advertising in this economy, it is vitally important that you do productive, consistent, cost efficient and effective advertising.

Consumer Friendly FormatYou have the option of using a portion of your ad space to offer a special savings, coupon, or gift card. These types of Incentive Offers have proven to be a highly effective marketing tool for just about any size or type of business. Perhaps the best reason for astute advertisers to use coupons and incentive offers is their overwhelming acceptance and reliable use by consumers. Advertising Age (the bible of the industry) reports that over 80% of all purchasers use coupons. The responses to a special incentive are measurable and accountable. They create “call to action” urgency for local UPSCALE consumers to do business with you. In addition special incentives can entice new customers that have been doing business with your competitors to switch and do business with you. Consumers will break routine shopping habits to take advantage of a special sale or a good coupon offer.

The practice of consistent and repetitive exposure of your company and it’s advertising messages to the same local UPSCALE consumers in one of your prime target marketing areas is a most important and productive method of attracting new customers while re-inforcing the patronage of existing ones. This type of exposure is the key to continually getting noticed and having positive results from your advertising now and into the future.

The BIG VALUE POSTCARD IS HELPING LOCAL BUSINESSES Goals and expectations are important. Our goal is to help make your ongoing advertising and marketing efforts more productive. Our expectation is that your company will receive the benefits of being featured on a very “consumer friendly” & Superior Direct Mail pieceBeing Featured On Quarterly mailings of BIG VALUE POSTCARDS CAN MEAN MORE BUSINESS FOR YOU. Huge Impact Exposure For Your Business


“We believe that targeted direct mail Post Card advertising should be designed to motivate local consumers to do business with you. Direct Mail Advertising with High Impact, Oversized Post Cards should produce results you can measure and profits you can count on.”

Why Co-Operative Direct Mail Advertising Works? In recent months, building business with incentive offers has begun to increase and consumers are becoming much more price sensitive and are looking for every discount they can find. A High Percentage of consumers are more likely to use coupons during a slow or recovering economy. Coupon redemption rate is up 30 – 40%.Coupons are a measurable way to track your Return On Investment (R.O. I)Coupons help drive consumers to your store. 98% of consumers bring their mail in the same day it is delivered. 89% sort and read their mail the moment they bring it inside. 75% expect to get mailed advertising every day. 67% feel mail is more personal than the internet. 57% anticipate that their next shopping trip will be affected by what they get in their mailbox.

  • Facts You Should Know About The Successful Benefits Of Direct Mail POSTCARDS – *76% of postcards are read IMMEDIATELY according to a US Postal Service study. On average, every dollar spent on direct mail advertising brings in $10 in sales… “US Post Office” Postcards rate #1 for performance in the category of immediately read direct mail. (United States Postal Service) • 90% of all direct mail gets read or seen. (USPS Household Diary Survey) 89% of companies who try them continue to market with postcards (Guerrilla Marketing Weapons) • Only 11% of all newspaper ads are read. 1/8 and 1/4 page ads are rarely seen. (Simmons Media Study)

In summary, QUARTERLY DIRECT MAIL Customer Development Campaigns are ingenious, cost-effective and productive advertising and marketing services for your business. The Postcards capture people’s attention and stimulate interest. You can benefit considerably from a unique, affordable and easy method of attracting local UPSCALE consumers to your business. It’s a sensible and professionally structured service. It Works! Your business goals should be to continually and consistently create new customers and re-inforce the patronage of your existing ones. Your business being featured Can Help YouDon’t Miss Out!

Our greatest hope and expectation is that your business will benefit by being part of this unique Direct Mail Service. Your participation is welcomed and encouraged. Make sure you are featured on QUARTERLY DIRECT MAIL Customer Development Advertising & Marketing CampaignsProductive, Proven, & Successful Direct Mail Can Work For You! Thanks for taking the time to learn about a service that offers a great benefit to your business. Your thoughts and opinions are important. What do you feel are the important things that local families should know about your business? WE WANT TO HELP YOU!

Take Care, Enjoy Life & Pursue Your Dreams…

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