Successful business owners know that constant and consistent Marketing and Advertising activities are vitally important to Growing their Business. Sometimes the upfront funds to spend on marketing and advertising are not conveniently available. With Behalf, we offer a sensible method to get the funds that you need.*


LEE MARKETING ASSOCIATES ( is now offering business financing with flexible payment schedules (1) on your Direct Mail Postcard Services provided by our company through financing powered by Behalf. It is a viable funding option for your business.


Subject to approval, you can reach thousands of local consumers with high impact Direct Mail Postcards, and pay later – it’s a more flexible way to pay for marketing and advertising services.


Through our partner, Behalf, you can now fund your Direct Mail Postcard mailings with flexible business financing. There is no fee to sign up, signing up takes minutes,* and your approved business purchases can be funded next business day* for Direct Mail Postcard mailings.


Subject to approval, Behalf offers purchasing limits from $ 500 to $ 250,000. Sign up online in minutes and get a real-time prequalification decision.


Behalf is a smart opportunity for small, medium or large businesses to get the funds they need.


Set an automatic payment schedule that works for your business: from no fee net 60 terms to 60 – 180 days of financing at a low fixed rate (1 – 3%).* Apply now and find out how much purchasing power you can get.


With a Behalf Account* you get:

  • More Buying Power: Conveniently fund your Direct Mail Postcard mailing purchases with Behalf
  • Longer Terms: Pay nothing upfront and enjoy 60 – 180 days of financing at a low fixed rate*
  • Cash Flow Control: Customize your ideal weekly or monthly payment plan for each transaction once approved.


Check your Behalf account eligibility here:

  1. Sign up online and get a real-time prequalification decision

The online process takes just minutes. Enter basic details about you and your business.

  1. Pay for your Lee Marketing Associates order

Behalf pays your merchant next business day after transaction approval.

  1. Choose your payment terms

You set the payment schedule that works best for your business.*


Sign up now to get your Direct Mail Postcard project moving forward

Contact Lee Marketing Associates for assistance in linking to BEHALF.


* Important Disclosures:

  • Subject to underwriting and approval criteria. Prequalification and assignment of purchasing limit occurs at sign-up.
  • Term length and fee subject to underwriting and approval criteria
  • Approval and origination occurs at transaction checkpoint.
  • Approval of terms are subject to approval criteria at both sign-up and transaction checkpoints.
  • The majority of customers receive an approval decision within 24 business hours after submitting a transaction (Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm EST) and in many cases, a same-day decision. Delays could occur due to unforeseen circumstances, or additional information or verification required.