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 Savvy Business Owners Want That To Happen ASAP!

What are you going to do NOW to bring in new customers? What’s going to bring people in your door NOW or to your website? What is going to make your phone ring? What are you going to do NOW to generate cash flow and profits? What are you going to do NOW to create more satisfied customers who will become great “word of mouth” advertisers for you? There’s A Proven & Productive Solution To These QuestionsYour business can benefit by using the dramatically impressive Gracious Living Card  to productively reach people living in your target market areas. 


Rule 1 in Effective Marketing & AdvertisingGET NOTICED

Nothing Gets You Noticed More Than The Gracious Living Card

 “We believe that targeted Direct Mail Post Card advertising should be designed to motivate local consumers to do business with you. Direct Mail Advertising with High Impact, Oversized Post Cards should produce results you can measure and profits you can count on.”


The GRACIOUS LIVING CARD is a unique and distinguished looking HUGE Direct Mail Postcard. PERSONALIZED FOR YOU! It can be mailed to residences in any geographic areas that you want to reach. It’s a fresh, imaginative and productive customer development service that can effectively help you sell more of your products and/or services.

Exquisitely printed in full color on a heavy 14 pt high gloss “liquid laminate” UV coated card, the Gracious Living Card arrives, with huge impact, in the mailboxes of families living in the subdivisions and carrier routes of any ZIP Code(s) you want to reach.  VERY FOCUSED

The Gracious Living Card  is an AWESOME, OVERSIZED, HIGH IMPACT POSTCARD! Offered in 2 impressive  sizes –  6” x 11” OR   9.50” x 11” – printed on both sides in full color with lots of ” WOW ” factor. Lots of space for your business to make an impressive presentation of your advertising messages. Your business really grabs people’s attention!

Since your objective is to make money with a successful advertising investment, the Gracious Living Card  is an ideal CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT SERVICE.



With the Gracious Living Card, you can productively advertise and market your business. The visual impact of a LARGE, COLORFUL & BOLD Gracious Living Card has an imposing profile in the mailbox. You can’t miss seeing a huge OVERSIZED postcard!

High Impact, Focused, & Productive Exposure For Your Business

The eye-catching “wow factor” is a great benefit for you! Getting Noticed Is Very Important!

Your Gracious Living Card will dramatically stand out from the rest of the mail. NOTHING HAS MORE IMPACT IN THE MAILBOX.  With appealing content on your customized, visually alluring Gracious Living Card, you should receive favorable response. 

 YOUR BUSINESS IS IMPRESSIVELY PRESENTED TO LOCAL CONSUMERS. A REAL WINNER!  Your Gracious Living Card  is a sensible method to make profits from your advertising investment.

 The Gracious Living Card is very consumer friendly. Families will definitely notice you and have instant access to your ad messages. Nothing is buried in a newspaper or a magazine. Your ad isn’t hidden in an envelope or thrown away unopened.        HUGE POSITIVE EXPOSURE


  A productive, profitable mailing of Gracious Living Cards  for your business starts with the creation of a visually attractive Direct Mail Postcard. Your Postcard is a combination of appealing photos and graphics along with text information about your business and the products and/or services that your business offers. 

A “consumer oriented” Gracious Living Card  from your business will impress local consumers and will compel them to do business with you.

 The most productive and profitable Direct Mail Postcards always have appealing “call to actioncontent.  The announcement of special sales and promotions, and most importantly, an enticing Gift Certificate(s) –  attractive offer(s) which create a motivating reason and sense of  urgency for consumers to do business with you and take advantage of a special offer.

Because of the HUGE amount of space available on the OVERSIZED Gracious Living Card, there is ample room to have a variety of offers designed to get people REPEATEDLY coming in to do business with you. To get “huge bang for your buck” with your advertising investment, you can stretch the effective life span of your personalized                         Gracious Living Card.

  • You can offer specials on different products and/or services
  • You can have multiple “coupon of the month” offers spaced over a few months.
  • You can even incorporate the very effective technique of having a special “GIVE THIS GIFT CERTIFICATE TO A FRIEND” CARD on your Gracious Living Card.
  • You can use informative content compelling people to keep your card handy (i.e. on the fridge)


DIRECT MAIL FEES for the 6” x 11” Gracious Living Card            

Gracious Living Card mailings can start with as few as 2400 cards.

The Ad fee to print, process & mail 2400 cards (at the same time) is 49 cents per card. AS A POINT OF REFERENCE, that’s 6 cents less than the cost of a First Class Stamp.

The Ad fee to print, process & mail 4800 cards (at the same time) is 45 cents per card.

The Ad fee to print, process & mail 7200 cards (at the same time) is 42 cents per card.

The Ad fee to print, process & mail 9600 cards (at the same time) is 39 cents per card.

 For the 9.5” x 11” Size, add only 8 Cents to the 6” x 11” per card cost. This is a great value because you are increasing the total square inches (both sides) from 132 Sq inches (6 x 11) to 209 Sq inches  ( 9.5 x 11) That’s a 58 % increase in size.

Please Note: Depending on the Zip Code(s) mailed to, a 5 cent per postcard Postage Rate upcharge may apply.

Ad Fee Costs include * Consultation on creating a High Impact Postcard about your business  * Full Color Printing          (as described above) * Mail Processing * Standard Class (bulk rate) Postage



Note: Gracious Living Card mailings are saturation mailed to your selection of residences in specific subdivisions/carrier routes in any ZIP code(s) you would like. Therefore, the actual # of cards mailed won’t be exactly 2400, 4800, etc. Once you let us know approximately how many cards you would like to mail and the subdivisions (areas) you want to reach, we will do an analysis and present you with the information on the number of cards that can be mailed and the exact costs. You will always be given the best rate and only pay for the number of cards mailed.

 If you are a fixed location business and you want to reach the homes closest to you, we can do a mileage radius study, calculation and analysis of homes starting at 1/4 mile radius. The fee for the mileage radius and/or subdivisions analysis and report to you is $ 75.00. When you do a mailing, the $ 75 will be credited to your total mailing fee.


GRAPHIC AD COMPOSITION FEE Depending on content and the amount of information you provide, i.e. logos, slogans, photos, text files, sketch and layout, the fee for the graphic design of both sides of the 6” x 11” Gracious Living Card ranges from $ 150 to $ 250 & for the 9.5” x 11” size, $ 225 to $ 350. Ad proof and corrections are included. NOTE: The graphic fee is for the development of your ad solely for use on a Gracious Living Card. This fee is for the designer’s time, creativity and ad construction to your specifications and requirements.

                                     ADVERTISE NOW & PAY LATER

 To make it easy to leverage the payment of your ad fees, we accept credit cards thru our PayPal invoicing system. As an added optional benefit, you can advertise and market your business NOW and pay in 6 months interest free when you qualify for and pay with the PayPal Credit option. THIS IS A GREAT SERVICE!   


Facts You Should Know

76% of postcards are read IMMEDIATELY according to a US Postal Service study. On average, every dollar spent on direct mail advertising brings in $10 in sales… “US Post Office”
• Postcards rate #1 for performance in the category of immediately read direct mail. (United States Postal Service)
• 90% of all direct mail gets read or seen. (USPS Household Diary Survey)
• 89% of companies who try them continue to market with postcards (Guerrilla Marketing Weapons)
• Only 11% of all newspaper ads are read. 1/8 and 1/4 page ads are rarely seen. (Simmons Media Study)


The key to getting a great response from your postcard marketing efforts is to deliver a compelling and relevant message to the right people * Determine your advertising and marketing objectives. Ask yourself what you want your postcard to accomplish. Is it to generate a telephone call? To get a prospect to visit your web site? Is it to drive new and repeat customers to your store or restaurant? Always start with the end in mind, and your postcard design will be much simpler?

Understand what really motivates your market. In order to get people to do anything, you need to know their hot buttons. Once you know their hot buttons or what motivates them, then it’s easy to create a message and an offer that will move them to action. * Create compelling offer(s) and reasons why they should take advantage of your offer(s).                       The heart of your postcard message should be your offer. Once you know what you’re offering, then you can create the copy that supports your offer. You’ll also want to create a reason for your prospect to take action right now, rather than waiting.

The larger the postcard, the more it will stand out in the mail and gets noticed. It makes good marketing sense to invest your advertising money productively and send an oversized postcard. Have an appealing postcard layout.  Write your postcard copy. Postcards shouldn’t be purely photos. Yes, pictures are worth a thousand words, but you should use the right balance of copy on your postcard. (Especially big bold headlines and strong calls to action.)

You can create powerful, productive and profitable marketing and advertising campaigns that get amazing results with high impact Gracious Living Cards 

You Should Experience Business Growth & Profits When You Effectively Market, Advertise & Promote Your Business To Your Targeted Consumers with Your Personalized Gracious Living Card.

The Gracious Living Card   is much more distinctive than other forms of Direct Mail –Very Attractive with Huge Impact It is an impressive, full color, 2 sided oversized hand-held billboard about your business. THICK CARD – HIGH GLOSS

With 132 square inches of space on the 6” x 11” Gracious Living Card  & 209 square inches on the 9.5” x 11” Gracious Living Card, you can do some very effective advertising and marketing of your business. You can promote your website, emphasize your mission statement, and use QR codes to assist you in your marketing activities. Lots of Space For Productive Content That Will Attract People To Your Business

                                            Your Profit Potential Is Considerable 


Take Advantage of the Proven Benefits of Direct Mail BIG Postcard Marketing

Targeted Advertising with a Gracious Living Card allows you to focus on the families in the areas that are important for your business to reach. In This Economy, This Is Vitally Important.
Personal You can create appealing text and graphics that are tailored to your local consumers, addressing their needs and appealing to their interests. You should always appeal to the interests that your audience is interested in. Don’t get hung up on features of your business. Stress the benefits that local consumers receive when doing business with you. Remember, everyone’s favorite station is WIIFM – What’s In It For Me. FlexibleYour Gracious Living Card is created with vivid colors, motivating text and graphics. An upscale, oversized, thick, super high gloss coating is a winner. Tangible Consumers can hold on to your mail piece, referring to your messages as often as needed. Special offers included on your Gracious Living Card help encourage patronage of your business on a continual basis. Measurable The results of your Direct Mail Postcard campaign can be tracked by analyzing the responses, inquiries, & profits it generates. Cost effectiveA Gracious Living Card mailing can make your advertising dollars go further, because your targeted messages go directly to local consumers in your prime target market(s). And, most importantly, your messages are effectively delivered on the high impact, delightfully appealing Gracious Living Card. It’s the BEST VALUE in targeted Direct Mail Big Postcard Advertising. 

IT’S A DEFINITE PLUS FOR YOUR BUSINESS! A Gracious Living Card Mailing Gives You An Instant Benefit And A Residual Benefit Into The Future


In summary, the Gracious Living Card  is an ingenious, cost-effective and productive DIRECT MAIL BIG POST CARD advertising and marketing service for your business.  It captures people’s attention and stimulates interest.  You can benefit considerably from a unique and high impact method of attracting local neighbors to your business.   

 You can create new customers and re-inforce the patronage of your existing onesOur greatest hope and expectation is that your business will benefit by putting the unique Gracious Living Card  to work for you. We welcome and appreciate your business.  WE WANT TO HELP YOU!

Goals and expectations are important. Our goal is to help make your ongoing advertising and marketing efforts more productive. Our expectation is that your company will receive the benefits of being featured on a very “consumer friendly” & Superior Direct Mail piece. When you do Gracious Living Card mailings, they CAN MEAN MORE BUSINESS FOR YOU.  

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